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Hiking Arietta

If you've got a favorite hike, and would like us to feature your hike trip notes, and photos- send them in! We will post them, along with your credits here!

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Good Luck Lake/ Good Luck Cliffs:
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Trailhead From the intersection of Route 8 and Route 10 in Piseco, follow Route 10 toward Pine Lake. Continue for a bit under 12 miles to the trailhead on the right, parking is on the left

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Echo Cliffs

Echo Cliffs is a short jaunt up to an excellent viewpoint over Piseco Lake and the surrounding area from the shoulder of Panther Mountain. With excellent views and less crowds than many other Adirondack destinations, Echo Cliffs is a must do if you’re in the area, especially in the fall.

Poorly marked with only a small dirt pull off along a secondary road, it’s no wonder Echo Cliffs lacks the crowds of other peaks with similarly easy access like Bald Mountain and Rocky Mountain near Old Forge. From the trailhead it’s a short but steep climb, getting steepest toward the very end, where hikers will likely find themselves grabbing exposed tree roots here and there to steady themselves.

Fortunately, the steepest section lasts only a few hundred yards and opens immediately into panoramic views of Lake Piseco, Spy Lake, and the southern Adirondacks. The views here are especially phenomenal in autumn when the leaves on the trees change, turning the forest into a menagerie of color. The edge of the cliff does drop abruptly, so families with small children should give it a wide berth.

To return to the trailhead, follow the trail back, and consider stopping at one of the nearby public beaches for a refreshing swim.

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The 1.1-mile trail Jockeybush Lake is located in the southwest corner of the Adirondack Park, in the Town of Arietta in Hamilton County. Jockeybush Lake is on part of the public Forest Preserve in the Ferris Lake Wild Forest Area. The trail is a short out-and-back hike that features numerous stream crossings, peaceful waterfalls, and a secluded lake.

The trail to Jockeybush Lake begins at the trailhead just off of Route 10, south of Piesco Lake. The trail is immediately immersed into a beech-dominated forest. The trail then bends to the right amid a few mild ups and downs and reaches a muddy crossing at approximately the 0.3-mile mark. The crossing is difficult, but herd paths lead to a narrower crossing.

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West Branch Gorge

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How to get there

Just south of Wells, turn off Route 30 and drive on Algonquin Road past the dam for 0.7 mile to West River Road. Continue for approximately 8.3 miles on West River Road to a large clearing, where the road ends. The trail starts in the woods, and parallels the river along most of the way.


From the trailhead, hike approximately 0.6 mile, where the path takes a left. Follow the path and cross Hamilton Lake Stream at 1.2 miles, which will be difficult in high water. Continue and cross Cold Brook at 1.8 miles, where you can see Cold Brook Falls upstream. Follow the river on the north bank until you see the first waterfalls (10-12 feet) on the West Branch at approximately 2.5 miles. The second smaller falls (8 ft) is located several hundred yards up the river from the first, but cannot be seen due to the rough topography of the walls.


T Lake


Perhaps the most impressive waterfall in the Adirondacks, T Lake Falls requires a 10-mile round-trip hike to reach.

It is the tallest waterfall in the Adirondacks, and one of the highest in New York State, with a drop of 500-600 feet.

NY 8 and NY 10 intersect just south of Piseco Lake. From here, take NY 8 northeast for just over 3 miles before turning left on Old Piseco Road. 

After passing Piseco Airport, continue until Haskell Road exits right, then you'll be in the area of the trailhead.

The hike to the falls is difficult, and extreme caution should be exercised.

We recommend contacting the DEC and inquiring if the falls trail is accessible ahead of time!

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